What is Omni's Refund Policy?


Please note that all Omni refund payments may take your bank some time to process. Depending on who you bank with, this can take anywhere from 3 - 10 business days.


There are a few reasons you should receive a refund from Omni.



You can cancel an order on your dashboard at any time before the end of the day that the rental is booked to be picked up. Please view our Cancellation Policy for reference.  Once you have canceled your order, you will automatically be refunded the full rental amount and deposit.


No Show

Omni charges all No Show orders for one reservation day. If for any reason you should not show up for your rental, please view our No Show policy. Omni understands if you can't show up for your rental. For orders that are multiple days long, our Customer Success team will refund you the remaining amount paid for the order.


Returned Deposit

For some rentals, Omni charges a temporary security deposit. The deposit varies depending on the amount set by the listing’s owner. You can expect your deposit to be released up to 3 days after dropping off your rental.  This is so we can audit the item and make sure it was returned to the way it was given out.


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